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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Elissa - Work hard and concentrate

Elissa is a shining example to all. She focuses on the right things and thinks before she acts. She concentrates hard and puts great effort into every task, completing all the investigation stations in record time! Well done, keep putting a smile on our faces every day!

Flamingos: Lola - Improve

Lola has really impressed us with her attitude and motivation towards her learning. She has made great progress with her reading, writing, phonics and maths. Well done, Lola!

Sun Bears: Kalen - Try new things

Kalen is growing in confidence and is having fun trying new things in class. He is always ready to ask questions and is always ready to answer them too!

Foxes: Louis - Respect yourself and others

Louis has been an excellent role-model in the class room and can always be spotted making the right choices. Well done1

Badgers: Lila - Work hard and concentrate

Lila has impressed us all with her determination to challenge herself with maths this week - setting an extra challenge while investigating perimeter.

Toucans: Luca - Imagine

Luca is such a conscientious and hard-working Toucan. He is creative and always presents his work carefully. In art, he has produced a great piece, inspired by our class text 'Beowulf'.

Sharks: Heston - Work hard and concentrate

Heston 'put in hours' on his writing this week. He has focused on the success criteria and produced an amazing report. Well Done!

Sport Cup: Joe - All Learning Behaviours

Joe always shows all the St Andrew's core values and is a pleasure to teach. He has a ready smile and is always willing to help both adults and children and sets a great example to everyone. Well Done!