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Spider Monkeys (3)

Welcome Spider Monkeys

World Book day fun!
Photos to follow

Bake Off!
Photos to follow 

Goal Scorers 6.3.15
I notice Helen looking at Paris and Paris looking at Helen all gooey eyed. Joshua S
The nights pass and the days pass and the Trojans sleep. George

I'm sorry that I haven't seen you in ten years but I'm stuck with them menacing Trojans but I'll be back soon. Alex

It's like a black field of sorrow, it all started over love !  Connie

We are clashing are swords together and desperately frustrated. Thomas W

Goal scorers: 30.1.15

Ashleigh - Quickly, some children called Ashleigh, Connie, Gracie and Heston were walking through the creaky door of the chocolate factory.

Sebastian - Quickly, the sweet monsters dashed to their menacing hide out.

Thomas W - Tom was brave, strong and always ready for a challenge.

Heston - Excitedly, Tom was playing football in his astonishing garden.

Constance - Suddenly, there was a smoky smell coming from the corridor.

Polly - Nervously, Bilbo entered the castle and sat next to the King.
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24/11/14- Does the tallest person in the class have the longest shadow?
17/11/14- Looking for light sources!
GPC: Is the moon a source of light? 

03/11/14- New Thunder and Lightning Topic!

We have started the new half term with our new 'Thunder and Lightning' Science topic where we are learning about light and sound. 

21/10/14- Canopic Jars
Spider Monkeys are still enjoying their 'Walk Like an Egyptian' topic!

We have made canopic jars today. 
09/10/14- Spider Monkeys Got Talent! 

As the class have been super Spider Monkeys they earned their class treat, a Spider Monkeys Got Talent party! 
06/10/14- Pyramids
We are really getting stuck into our topic now! We have made Djoser's Step Pyramid out of lego, began learning about mummification and canopic jars and we even had our learning together afternoon creating Ancient Egyptian accessories!
02/10/14- Ancient Egypt Day!
We had a fun day full of Ancient Egyptian activities. We made papyrus paper, decorated and made our own pyramids, created Hama bead art Scarab beetles and the Eye of Horus, mummified dolls and created secret messages in hieroglyphs. 
This week we have begun learning all about the Ancient Egyptians, the class are responding with awe and wonder!

19/09/14- Spider Monkeys
Last week we learnt all about spider monkeys and made our own spider monkey information books in our table teams. We even wrote our own spider monkey shape poems.

The Spider Monkeys have settled into year 3 brilliantly and are already getting stuck into their learning!