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Welcome to Meerkat Class!








Starter for ten: What do you think would be the best thing about being a lighthouse keeper? Our new topic for this half term is...



The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch


The children have been busy reading and hearing seaside poetry this half term. They have explored the look and feel of sand and produced some lovely descriptive language for our display. We even managed to share-write a seaside poem of our own.

During our Big Write this week the children wrote about an imaginary picnic. They were asked where they might like to go, who they would invite and what they would eat. Below are just a few examples of their fantastic writing. It was difficult to choose, there were so many!

I so enjoyed reading your work Meerkats, Well done to each and every one of you for putting in so much effort. You make me so proud!
Mrs Argent

Starter for Ten: If you were a fairground tasty treat, what would you be? Our new topic for this half term is...

...All the Fun of the Fair
The children will be learning about the history of the fairground and seaside holidays. They will also learn about pushes, pulls and electrical circuits. They will even have a go at making their own carousel. Keep checking for photos of the exciting activities we have lined up!

Big Write - Thursday 13.03.14

The stimulus for this week's Big Write was 'Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?' The children considered who may have pushed Humpty, why they did it, what poor Humpty may have done to deserve such awful treatment, where the culprit might be now and what the king's horses and men might do with him/her once found. It was great fun and the children were full of ideas. Below are just a few examples of the fantastic writing they produced. Well done everyone, your writing is really improving. Meerkat class has a very proud teacher indeed!


When they returned after half term the children began learning how to count and record using tallying. They also used this information to make block graphs. 
Last week they were very busy measuring length and weight. They measured, among other things, Harry Potter's broomstick, playdoh worms and and a life-sized cut out of Mrs Argent!


Meerkat Class have been reading poems about the five senses. They have also used their own senses to generate some very descriptive language. They smelled, felt and tasted oranges, strawberry jelly and onions! Here are just some of the lovely descriptive words and phrases the children came up with...

           juicy             yucky           scrumptious              delicious
super         soft             round             wobbly         disgusting
 sharp              squidgy              nutritious

"The jelly is wobbly."        "...soft and juicy"      "I don't like the onion."

"The onion is spicy."     "It is disgusting."     "I love wobbly jelly." 
Spring Term (1)

Starter for ten: What would be the best thing about being a nocturnal animal?

In maths the children have been learning about money. We had a treasure hunt to find coins and dug for them in the sand. We talked about their value and the children used them to 'pay' for items in their imaginary shops.
Learning Phonics at Home
As you can appreciate, learning the sounds correctly from the offset is extremely important. Please refer to your child's phonics toolkit and continue to practise the sounds highlighted in green. Sounds will be reviewed regularly. It would also help if you practised the tricky words alongside the sounds as these are the ones that need to be learned by sight. If you are unsure of the sounds taught for each letter, please click on the link below.

In literacy we have linked our class story to our new topic. We have been reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. The children have been doing lots of talk for writing. They came up with actions to retell the story before they had a go at retelling it in writing.
On Thursday 16th January  Meerkats did a Big Write in class. They imagined that Plop the Owl flew down to them and wrote about what they would say to Plop to help him overcome his fear of the dark. These are some examples of the brilliant writing they produced......
Dark is Exciting!

Our new topic for this term is Dark is Exciting! Over the last 2 weeks the children have been in and out of the new class tent investigating sources of light and things that reflect light. They have also used dark boxes to find out which colours show up best in the dark. 

Following on from our story about Plop the Owl, in the coming weeks we'll be finding out a bit more about nocturnal animals.

Click on the lightbulb below to play the Spooky Mansion light source game.