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The Overall Approach to Writing at ASAT

At All Saints Academy Trust, it is our intent to provide pupils with a high-quality education in English that will teach pupils to speak, read and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others effectively across the curriculum and beyond. We intend to support children's developing skills with varied and stimulating creative writing opportunities.

In addition to using the guidance in the National Curriculum as a minimum standard, we intend to provide engaging, exciting and purposeful writing opportunities that are designed to give children a voice to express themselves clearly and confidently as writers. We want our children to read as a writer, write as a reader and understand the synergy between reading and writing. We expose children to a rich and varied language that bridges language experiences in other settings outside of school.

The promotion of a language rich curriculum is essential to the successful acquisition across the curriculum. The development of speech and language is identified as one of the most important parts of our school’s early years curriculum. On entry to school, staff match oral language activities to learners’ current stage of development, so that it extends their learning and connects with the rest of the curriculum.


Please see attached documents for further details.

The Herts for Learning Writing Planning Platforms are used to support curriculum coverage and progression in learning across the school. These have been designed to be integrated with existing approaches as the basis for building an individualised school writing curriculum and they should be viewed in conjunction with our own Writing Progression & Spines.


An example is shown below; however, due to it being a paid subscription, we are unable to upload these for every year group.

Y1 Writing Meeting

Uploaded by Miss Williams on 2024-02-29.

Y6 Writing Meeting

Uploaded by Miss Williams on 2024-02-29.