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Year 1 - Flamingos

Welcome to Flamingo's class page!

Summer 2

This term we are learning all about the United Kingdom! 

Flamingo class will be learning all about the four countries in the UK, including the capital cities, other cities, fun facts and the flags.

Image result for uk map

Flamingo Class had an amazing time at Colchester Zoo

Summer 1


Welcome back to the Summer Term. 

Flamingo class are learning about Animals this term.  We already know the different animal groups and some features of each group!

Big Write based on the Gruffalo. Children created their own 'Gruffalo' and created a name for their animal too!

Our Guided Novel this term is 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell.  The children are developing their fluency with this text.  They are also very excited to make their own 'Dear Zoo' book which they will share with the children in EY.  Their book has an animal from each animal group and they will be creating their own flaps too!

Year 1 and 4 Forest School Adventure!

THis week's Goal Scorers were writing a recount of their pond dipping fun in the forest!

Spring 2


Flamingo class have come back raring to go this term.

We have been learning about the traditional tale, 'The Gingerbread Man'.

The children have enjoyed making their own Gingerbread Man journey around the school grounds. Starting in Key Stage 1 playground, going around the pole, under the slide, over the climbing frame, through the wooden fence, beside the mirror in the reflection area, over the big stone, along the wooden bench and into the Key Stage 2 playground and MUGA where the Gingerbread man escaped!  The children have been learning about positional language (over, under, between, beside etc) and giving directions.

Big Write inspired by the story 'Monkey see, Monkey do'

Spring Term 2 Parent Information Letter

Big Write about the Vile Villian we came dressed as for World Book Day!

Spring Term 2018

Happy New Year!


The children came back to school after the Christmas break full of enthusiasm and motivation towards their learning.  They were keen to share their holiday news but were sad to see that Muddles, our class Elf on the Shelf, had gone back home.



Spring Term 1 Parent Information Letter

Flamingo class wrote their own version of 'Dragon Dinosaur'. They imagined that Mrs Gough has told them that there was a Spinosaurus in Braintree, heading this way! They had to think of the fiercest animal to defeat the Spinosaurus!

Scrapheap Challenge

Our topic this term is called 'Scrapheap Challenge' and the children will be learning about different materials and their properties.



Our Guided Novel this term is 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy'.  The children have loved listening to the rhyming characters and are developing fluency, pace and expression while reading it aloud. This week they have been creating their own rhyming character.

Autumn 2

Flamingo class have settled back to the new term brilliantly! I was really impressed with how quickly they have got back in to the routine and they all are developing such good attitudes towards their learning!

Our topic this term is a History topic looking at toys from the past and comparing them to toys we have now.

If you have any old toys that we could borrow please let me know.  They will be kept in a safe place and looked after while they are in Flamingo class!

Flamingo class have retold the Christmas story for their Special Write this week.

Flamingos wrote their own story about teddy bears who rescued Old bear from the loft!

Goal Scorers - Flamingo class wrote about their favourite toy.

Parent Information Letter - Autumn 2

Children wrote about the boy and penguin's journey home from the South Pole from our Guided Novel 'Lost and Found'

Writing inspired by our Guided Novel, Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

Flamingos have been looking at the 'special friends' sh this week.They have been exploring words with 'sh' and finding 'sh' words all week. They have covered Spot the dog with 'sh' bones too!

In Maths we have been learning all about numbers, especially how to order them and how to write them correctly! We have been thinking of one more and one less too!

Some of us ordered numbers to 10 and matched the numicon plate with the correct digit.

We used mirrors to look closely at our faces and then used special art pencils and paper to draw a self portrait! Our self portrait will be displayed when we are 'Star of the Week'

We have had a fantastic first week in Flamingo class.  The children have settled into their new class really well and are showing great enthusiasm towards their learning!


This week we have had a mini project called 'Marvellous, Magical Me'.  The children have been thinking about themselves and their families. We have also been looking at the French artist Georges Seurat who is famous for his pointillism art.


We were inspired by his artwork and recreated our own Flamingo pointillism paintings!

Our next topic will be Flamingos!  We will begin to explore fascinating facts about Flamingos and learn about where they live, what they eat, how they look after their young and much more!

Parent information letter - Autumn Term 1