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EY Tiger-cubs

Welcome to Tiger Cubs Class page.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for documents and links to online games.


The Summer Term for Tiger Cubs is full of fun filled learning experiences! 


15/02/19 - Spring 1 - Valentine's Day

For Valentines day the children came in to balloons and a Valentines table. We researched the history of Valentines day and looked at a range of Valentines cards. The Tiger Cubs then discussed who they love and why. The Tiger Cubs decided to make a photo booth and they were able to take photos of each other using a camera.

16/01/19- Spring 1


What a great start to this half term we have had. We are currently learning the story of the Gingerbread man. The children are able to retell the story using actions (Talk 4 Writing). We have created story maps, made Gingerbread men to sell to our parents, created gingerbread people and outfits for them  and we are currently writing our own Gingerbread man stories.

04/01/19- Spring 1 - Happy New Year


We discussed what a lovely Christmas we all had and that now it is a new year, 2019!  We celebrated with balloons, hats and blowers. We then performed Auld Lang Syne together and discussed the songs meaning.

Happy New Year Tiger Cubs!


02/11/18- Autumn 2

The Tiger Cubs have settled back into Tiger Cub life brilliantly. We continue to be ever so proud of them!

This week we have been thinking about Bonfire Night and the children have chosen to create firework pictures in a range of ways. They have used ribbons, paints, chalks and oil pastels on black card, rolled marbles and pinecones around a tray with paint and we took advantage of the rain and made fireworks with powder paints!

28/09/18- Super Hero School!

This week we have been attending 'Super Hero School'. We came into class to find that our beloved Tigger had been taken!


The Tiger Cubs made lost posters and decided they needed to become super heroes to get Tigger back.

On Thursday the class came in to a message from the Joker telling them that they could only defeat him if they became their very own superheroes. They decided on their super hero name, super power, gadget and costume!

The Tiger Cubs then had to complete a number of tasks to become super heroes and get Tigger back. Super Hero School included using the climbing equipment, completing super maths challenges, being super kind and much more!

21/09/18- The Colour Monster!

On Monday a Colour Monster appeared on our IWB, we had no idea why! We decided to write messages and draw pictures for the Colour Monster.

On Tuesday the Colour Monster left us a book about him. We read it and found out that one day, Colour Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through colour.

We really liked this story and decided to paint our own colour monsters or paintings of ourselves using colour to show our feelings. We are going to make a display for you to see our work.

Mrs Benson was really impressed at how quickly we could link colours to our feelings. We played some relaxing music at the end of the day to help us to feel calm.

14/09/18 - Silly Billy

Starting somewhere new can be scary for anyone... let alone when you're four or five! Therefore this week the children have read the story 'Silly Billy' which talks about worries. The children have then began to make their own worry dolls to help them with any worries they may have. 

14/09/18 - Class Rules

The Tiger Cubs started by deciding what class rules they thought we needed and why. They came up with some great ideas that you can see below.  

Tiger Cub Class Rules

12/09/18- All About Me 

The children have brought in family photos to share with their class. They have also made mini-mes of themselves and impressed us with their name writing. We have also discussed what they would like to learn while they are at school. All of these can be seen on each child's display rectangle in the classroom. 



Tiger Cubs have had an amazing start to their time at St. Andrew's! We are so very proud of them.

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