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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Archie - Work hard and concentrate

Archie has worked tremendously hard to learn his sounds. During his 'Special Write' he was able to segment words and write them using his sounds! A great effort!

Flamingos: Ruby - Don't give up

Ruby has shown great perseverance and resilience this week with her learning. She has tried her very best and achieved great results with her learning. A fantastic effort, well done!

Sun Bears: Lola-Rose - Improve

Lola-Rose's writing has been superb this week! She has carefully considered her sentence starters and has taken great care to make her handwriting joined and neat. Wow!

Foxes: Erin - Work hard and concentrate

Erin always works hard to improve her work, especially during English. She stays on task and has produced an excellent 'Special Write'. A fantastic Fox!

Badgers: Adam - Work hard and concentrate

Adam has been an absolute shining star during rehearsals this week. He has made such an effort to learn his lines and his determination to entertain his audience has impressed us all!

Toucans: William - Try new things and Improve

William has made a real effort this week to try new things in his writing and was able to put a range of descriptive features in his 'Special Write'. In addition, he was a computing superstar!

Sharks: Ryan - Work hard and concentrate

Ryan always manages to focus on his learning, whatever the lesson. He gives every single lesson 100%. Well done!

Sport Cup: Ben - Improve

Ben has taken small steps over the last few weeks when learning basic hockey skills. He has worked hard to improve himself recently and has mastered the correct grip technique as a result! Well done!