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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Hallie - Work hard and concentrate

Hallie made an amazing card for her family. She used her sounds to write all of her family's names and is now our 'Writer of the Week!' Fantastic challenge, Hallie.

Flamingos: Heath - Don't give up

Heath has come back to school full of perseverance and motivation. He is trying so hard with all of his learning. Keep it up!

Sun Bears: Riley - Work hard and concentrate

Riley has started the Spring Term with lots of enthusiasm for his learning. He has been keen to learn his spellings at home and share his hard work with his teachers.

Foxes: Emily - Work hard and concentrate

Emily has had a great start after Christmas, contributing and focussing on the carpet as well as improving her writing. Well done, Emily.

Badgers: Tilly - Respect yourself and others

Tilly has been an incredibly supportive learning partner this week, working hard to help others shine and achieve their best.

Toucans: Ralph - Don't give up

Ralph has persevered to grasp equivalent fractions this week. He has become more confident with mathematical vocabulary and kept going until he felt confident with his learning. a great start to 2018!

Sharks: Jais - Improve

Jais has done his best with his writing this week. he has avoided rushing and has produced some beautifully presented work.

Sport Cup : William - Try new things

William had a fantastic start to the New Year in PE. He worked really hard when trying his hand at hockey this week. Well done, William.