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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Maxwell - Improve

Maxwell produced an amazing 'Special Write'. What an improvement from last half-term! This is because Maxwell has worked hard to learn all his sounds. What a great effort, Maxwell!

Flamingos: Eloise - Work hard and concentrate

Eloise has worked really hard this week, she has managed distractions and wrote a super story for her 'Special Write', showing determination and concentration. Well done, Eloise!

Sun Bears: Connie - Respect yourself and others

Connie has been a 'Christmas Nativity Superstar'. She has stepped in for a friend who has been away this week and not only said her own words, but her friends too. Well Done!

Foxes: Oliver - Improve

Oliver has worked hard to make the right choices this week and persevered with using excellent suspense language in his writing. Well done!

Badgers: Oliver - Improve

Ollie, we have been so thrilled and proud to see you engrossed in your reading this week, even taking out a book to read in your break time! Keep enjoying!

Toucans: Thomas - Work hard and concentrate

Tom was focussed and motivated during our 'Special Write' this week. He worked hard on his story and presented it beautifully. Great work!

Sharks: Sienna - Work hard and concentrate

Sienna has put a huge amount of effort into her work this term. She has focussed on the right things and has made great progress. Well Done!

Sport Cup: Year 4 - Try new things

Year 4 were amazing and very controlled when trying 'table top table tennis' in the classroom this week. a first for them and Mrs Press! Well done year 4.