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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Carter - Improve & Respect yourself and others

Carter has had an amazing week and we love watching his confidence grow each day! He is coming into school happy, asking adults if they need help and working with others to form new friendships. What a terrific Turtle!

Flamingos: Jude - Improve

Jude has worked really hard this week to complete his non-fiction book about toys. He has tried his best, avoided rushing and improved each day. well done, Jude!

Sun Bears: Ayva - Work hard and concentrate

Ayva has wowed us with her spellings every week. She puts 100% effort into learning her spellings and consistently gets all he words right each week. A fantastic example to all Sun Bears.

Foxes: Nancy - Don't give up

Nancy has persevered this week in her maths and worked hard in class, contributing excellent ideas on the carpet. A fantastic Fox!

Badgers: Bella - Work hard and concentrate

Bella always puts her best effort into everything that she does and takes enormous pride in her work. You have so much to be proud of Bella!

Toucans: Clara Don't give up

Clara has amazed me in Maths this week. She is becoming so confident with her times tables and really pushes herself to be successful. She is putting her hand up and showing real determination, even if she is not always right. Fantastic resilience Clara. You are a terrific Toucan.

Sharks: Erin - Don't give up

Erin has really stuck at her learning! She is proving to be a resilient and capable learner. Super effort, Erin!

Sport Cup: Harley - Work hard and concentrate

Harley has tried really hard in recent weeks to concentrate on his learning in PE and has improved hugely! He is enjoying his learning, managing distractions and working really well with other members of his class. well done, Harley!