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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Christopher - Don't give up

Christopher wanted to write his name but didn't know how. He found his name and copied down each letter carefully. What great perseverance!

Flamingos: April - Respect yourself and others

April is such a kind and caring girl. She will always be first person to comfort anyone or help when she can. Well done April!

Sub Bears: Daisy - Try new things

We are so delighted to have Daisy in Sun Bears. She joined us in September and has settled into St. Andrew's very well. She is so keen to try new things, be brave and have a go.

Foxes: Marley - Improve

Marley has shown excellent improvement in his writing this week and striving to make his work to the best of his ability, earning him a place on the "Best Work Wall".

Badgers: Samuel - Work hard and concentrate

Sam has worked incredibly hard in the lead up to 'Big Write' this week, even drafting the script for his news broadcast home! What a superb effort, Sam!

Toucans: Jonathan - Don't give up

This week, Jonathan has been trying incredibly hard in all subjects, especially Maths. He has shown resilience towards estimating and has made great progress. He has been eager to challenge himself and share his ideas.

Sharks: Erin - Respect yourself and others

Erin was really kind this week when she stopped to help an adult, who had dropped books. She is always patient an gentle with others. a brilliant shark!

Sport Cup: Louis - Try new things

Louis has been working very hard in PE this week, enjoying his learning with a smile. He enjoyed having a go at star, straight and tuck shapes in gymnastics. What a little star himself! Well done, Louis!