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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Grace - Work hard and concentrate

Grace has wowed us with her reading this week. She is blending sounds to read words and has loved using her knowledge in her writing. What a terrific turtle!

Flamingos: Isabelle - Improve

Isabelle has been really brave and is improving all the time. She now comes into school with a big smile and is joining in more and more in class. Well done, Isabelle!

Sun Bears: Joe - Work hard and concentrate

Joe can always be relied upon to make the right choices. He is a motivated learner and likes to do his best. Well done, Joe!

Foxes: Anna - Work hard and concentrate

Anna has shown great enthusiasm and determination in her maths this week and is always trying to do her very best. Well done, Anna!

Badgers: Alfie - Imagine

Alfie, we were blown away when we interviewed you in role as Ernest Shackelton, during our hot-seating this week - your enthusiasm and knowledge made it as if we were interviewing Shackleton himself!

Toucans: Mateusz - Work hard and concentrate

Mateusz is such a joy to have in Toucan class. He is always on task and focusing on his work and searches for ways to challenge himself. He enjoys learning and concentrates on what he should be doing. Keep it up!

Sharks; Kayleigh - Don't give up

Kayleigh has blown us away with her perseverance in all areas this week. She has been determined to do her best in all areas and even achieved 100% in her reading quiz. Amazing!

Sport Cup: Dylan - Improve

Dylan showed great determination in PE this week whilst learning the skills for Dodgeball. He kept on trying to improve his throwuing technique and showed great respect for his partner. Well done, Dylan!