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C of E Primary School

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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Lovebirds: Ava - Respect yourself and others.

Despite feeling a little poorly, Ava has been such a kind and caring lovebird this week. She often comforts others in the class. What a superstar!

Pandas: Neha - Working hard and concentrate

Neha knows how to focus on the right things which allows her to make excellent progress and enjoy her learning. Super effort!

Seahorses: Dennis - Work hard and concentrate.

Dennis has worked hard to learn his words for our nativity. He's also been listening carefully and paying attention so that he knows when to say them without being told. Well done Dennis!

Giraffes: Corbyn - Work hard and concentrate.

Corbyn has worked tremendously hard learning his lines for the nativity. He also projects his voice and speaks clearly. Great effort !

Ocelots: Neve - Work hard and concentrate

Neve consistently shows that she is ready to learn in all lessons. She focuses on the right things and always strives to look for new things to learn, A super Ocelot. Good effort Neve.

Polar Bears:

Golden Eagles:Jessica - Work hard and concentrate.

Jessica has really focused and concentrated hard on her work this week. She has been working hard to avoid distractions and this has paid off, as she has produced some excellent work this week. Well Done!

Falcons: Aiden - Work hard and concentrate.

Aiden shows tremendous enthusiasm for all aspects of his learning. Well done!

Sports Cup: Sackson.

Well done Sackson for showing determination to make the right decision and to stay on task, as well as improving in all areas this term.