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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Jacob - Try new things/work hard and concentrate

Jacob has enjoyed trying lots of new things at school, whilst making excellent choices. You are a terrific role model for Turtles class, well done!

Flamingos: Isabelle - Work hard and concentrate

Isabelle has settled into year 1 really well. She always listens and is focused on her learning, producing some excellent work. Well done!

Sun Bears: Darcy - Try new things

Darcy has had a fantastic start to year 2. She has tried lots of new things and she is enjoying having a go at everything. Well done Darcy!

Foxes: Liberty - Respect yourself and others

Liberty has shown great kindness towards a new member to  Foxes class. What a kind friend you are!

Badgers: Dennis - Work hard and concentrate

Wow, Dennis! What an amazing first week you have had as a brilliant Badger. You have impressed us all with your deep burrowing into your learning!

Toucans: Fynn - Work hard and concentrate

Fynn has had a fantastic week in Toucans. He has been very focussed, working well independently and sharing some terrific ideas with others. Keep it up, Fynn!

Sharks: Amy - Work hard and concentrate

Amy really focussed on her art work this week and produced some beautifully detailed work. Well done!

Sport Cup: Turtles Class - Try new things

Wow! What a lovely troupe of turtles we have. Only the second day of school and their first ever PE lesson and they were amazing. They tried new things, enjoyed their learning and didn't give up!