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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Whole Class - Respect yourself and others

The whole class have coped with changes to routine this week. They have continued to listen well, followed instructions and worked together. Well done, Caterpillars!

Bats: Whole Class - Imagine

Thank you to all of Bat's class for making Miss Eade's last St Andrew's Learning Together a brilliantly imaginative afternoon. Happy weather watching Bat's class.

Honey Bees: Marley - Improve

Marley's arithmetic skills have amazed us this week. Super doubling and halving 2 digit numbers. Your enthusiasm for math is brilliant. Keep it up!

Huskies: Jasmine - Work hard and concentrate

Jasmine has been trying very hard recently to focus on her spellings. She is practising her spellings by writing them in sentences as homework. Fantastic Jasmine, keep it up!

Otters: William - Imagine

William has worked so hard to create a really eye-catching cover design for his graphic novel. We can't wait to read it!

Koalas: Marty - Work hard and concentrate

Marty has amazed us with his focus and concentration in maths. Throughout the year he has always given 100% effort and been keen to challenge himself. Aim for the stars, Marty!

Panthers: Ben - Don't give up

Ben has really stuck at learning his lines for the production. He has had so much to learn, I've been impressed with his resilience. Well done.

Sport Cup: Finley - Don't give up

Finley showed great determination and resilience when attempting to break the 80M sprint school record. He came so close this week and kept on trying despite a false start! Keep trying, I'm sure you will get there!