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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Teagan - All learning behaviours

Teagan is a great role model in Caterpillars. She always makes good choices, challenging herself, being a good friend and caring for our classroom. We are sure you will make an amazing Flamingo,Teagan!

Bats: Kayden - Work hard and concentrate

Kayden was amazing for his team this week. He completed all the team jobs diligently and produced a wonderful introduction for their writing about castles. Great work Kayden!

Honey Bees: Oliver - Work hard and concentrate

Oliver always does his very best, his efforts have been rewarded by great progress. Well done, Oliver.

Huskies: Libby - Work hard and concentrate

Libby has such focus, she listens to feedback and is now striving to improve her writing, especially with her spellings. What a great attitude and role model!

Otters: Oliver - Work hard and concentrate

Oliver is showing such focus and quiet determination, increasingly in recent weeks, and has made great strides in his learning as a result. Well done, Oliver!

Koalas: Erin - Improve

Erin puts enormous effort into all she does. Her handwriting has improved so much, she takes such pride in her work, super effort Erin!

Panthers: Noah - Work hard and concentrate

Noah can always be relied on to work hard in class. He remains really focussed at this busy time of year. Well done, Noah.

Sports Cup: Connie - Don't give up

Connie always shows great resilience in her PE lessons. She may be uncertain or nervous but always perseveres and overcomes her doubts and enjoys herself. Have faith in yourself Connie, you CAN do it!