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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Edward - Respect yourself and others

Eddie has wowed us with his kindness this year. He is such a caring Caterpillar, thinking of others' feelings, leaving a trail of kindness wherever he goes. What a shining example you are Eddie!

Bats: Elis - Imagine

During the book festival week, Elis has absorbed herself in stories. She really enjoyed the outdoor reading session as well as producing a wonderful version of 'Three By the Sea'. Well done Elis!

Honey Bees: Louis - Don't give up/Work hard and concentrate

Louis is always determined to do his best with a ready smile. Respectful and kind, he often directs others in their learning too. A great role model.

Huskies: Chloe - Work hard and concentrate

This week, Chloe has concentrated well on her work, retelling her story in detail and has been a super supportive learning partner.

Otters: Lily-May - Work hard and concentrate

Lily-May has really sparkled this week and shown a quiet enthusiasm for all that we have done. Well done!

Koalas: Kayleigh - Work hard and concentrate

Kayleigh has really shone during the literacy festival this week. She has listened carefully to all the guests who have come in and worked in a group to plan her own 'Traction Man Adventure'.

Panthers: Jessica - Respect yourself and others

Jess listens and works well with others at all times. She is patient and kind with her friends, this is a brilliant quality!

Sport Cup: Edward - Work hard and concentrate

Edward showed fantastic effort during practice for Sports Day, in all of his events. Great concentration Edward, keep it up!