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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Whole Class - All learning behaviours

Caterpillars amazed us on our class trip to Tropical Wings. They responded with awe and wonder, behaved impeccably and the kindness they showed to each other was amazing! We are very proud of you Caterpillars!

Bats: Lola-Rose - Work hard and concentrate

Lola has been inspired to create a wonderful version of our Mini Gray story 'Three by the Sea'. She has absorbed herself at every stage of planning, creating characters and a twist to the plot. Wonderful writing Lola.

Honey Bees: Amber - Respect yourself and others

This week, Amber has been so kind and caring. She looked after Year Ones when they were upset yesterday, by holding their hands and then helped them to find an adult. Keep on being a super friend.

Huskies: William - Don't give up

We have been very impressed with the effort William is now putting into his learning. He has an awesome attitude, is not afraid to have a go and he has shown amazing determination and perseverance. What a super role model. Keep it up William and well done!

Otters: Abigail - Work hard and concentrate

Abi has worked so hard and imaginatively on her adaptation of Hermelin the Detective Mouse in English - you should be very proud, Abi!

Koalas: Morgan - Imagine

Morgan has amazed her teachers this week by designing an amazing costume for 'Traction Man'. She put so much effort into her design and created a really careful and imaginative piece of work! Well done Morgan.

Panthers: Finley - Try new things

Finley has been full of enthusiasm for his part in the forthcoming play and the science learning together. Keep it up Finley!

Sport Cup: Lola-Rose - Respect yourself and others

In PE Lola helped a friend to find another way to exercise when she hurt herself. What a lovely friend!