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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: April - Imagine

April used her imagination brilliantly in our vet's role play area. She built upon the ideas of others and responded with awe and wonder!

Bats: Edward - Work hard and concentrate

This week Edward has produced some super writing in the form of a letter to the zoo. He has practised, practised, practised his letter formation with great results. Well done Edward.

Honey Bees: Jack - Work hard and concentrate

Jack has made a terrific start to a new term. He is one of our mental maths marvels, always wanting to improve his scores. Keep up that will to succeed, Jack!

Huskies : Sam - Don't give up

Sam showed resilience with his writing this week. He listened to suggestions for improvements and showed he could 'stick with it'. Well done Sam!

Otters: Jonathan - Work hard and concentrate

Jonathan has shown super enthusiasm this week in all his learning and it has been brilliant to see him so eager to share his ideas and thinking!

Koalas: George - Work hard and concentrate

George has worked really hard in maths this week to grasp area and perimeter. He produced an excellent map of his own 'Jurassic Park', showing off his new skills! Keep up the hard work George!

Panthers: Jamie - Work hard and concentrate

Jamie has remained really focussed in class. He has continued to make great progress in all areas. Well done Jamie!

Sport Cup: Nila - Try new things

Nila enjoyed having a go at Tennis this week during PE. She concentrated really well and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Well Done Nila!