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Headteacher's Cup WInners

Caterpillars: Oliver - Work hard and concentrate

We have seen a huge improvement in Oliver's reading. He has put in the hours and enjoyed and taken pride in his progress. Keep it up Oliver!

Bats: George - Respect yourself and others

It's wonderful to see George's confidence grow as he travels through year 1. His enthusiasm for learning has always been evident but even more so this week, especially in maths. What a great role-model for Bats!

Honey Bees: Liberty - Work hard and concentrate

Liberty has focused so well in maths finding fractions of numbers and has created amazing bar models. Always enthusiastic and determined. Keep it up!

Huskies: Madison - Work hard and concentrate

Maddi always puts 100% into her work and is growing in confidence when it comes to sharing her achievements. Keep it up Maddi and well done!

Otters: Brook - Work hard and concentrate

Brook has amazed and inspired us al with the story that he has been writing at home! What an imaginative writer you are! Looking forward to the next instalment...

Koalas: Annabelle - Improve

Annabelle continues to improve her maths skills every week. She has a positive attitude and never gives up until she is able to understand each concept. Well done Annabelle!

Panthers: Joe - Work hard and concentrate

Joe has shown a lot of enthusiasm for his learning. He has really focused on his maths and topic work. Super effort Joe!

Sport Cup: Rosie - Don't give up

Rosie showed great determination and effort in PE this week. Pushing herself to the limit during the 5 minute timed run. Well done Rosie!