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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Seth - Try new things

Seth has enjoyed ' having a go' this week. He has tried new things including blending new sounds and putting his hands in paint! Keep challenging yourself Seth!

Bats: Charlie - Don't give up

This half term Charlie has already shown plenty of perseverance in his learning. It is a pleasure to teach Charlie and see the great progress he is making, especially in reading and writing.

Honey Bees: Jack - Work hard and concentrate

We've really noticed Jack's efforts this week. He completed some great arrays in maths and won the word detective competition, keep this up next week, Jack!

Huskies: Tilly - Respect yourself and others

Tilly is always ready to help out in the class and will help any of her classmates where she can. A very helpful Husky! Well done Tilly!

Otters: Poppy - Imagine

Poppy has blown us away with her writing this half term, such a creative writing voice and a wonderful writing role model to us all.

Koalas: Joshua - Imagine

Josh has amazed me this week with his poetry writing. He used personification to create a super poem about a dream catcher. His ideas are always so imaginative and creative. Well done Josh!

Panthers: Jacob - Work hard and concentrate

Jacob has produced some amazing creative writing, full of similes and personification. Well done!

Sport Cup: Jemima - Try new things

Jemima enjoyed having a go at netball and enjoyed learning new techniques. She always focuses on the right things and strives to make things better and to improve. Well done - keep it up!