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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Isabelle - Don't give up

Isabelle has practised getting changed at home over the summer holiday. She managed to get changed for P.E and fold her clothes and then change back into her school clothes, independently!

Bats: Darcy - Work hard and concentrate

Darcy has shown already, she is very focused in class. She enjoys her learning and is keen to challenge herself in reading and maths. Great work Darcy!

Honey Bees; Lily - Don't give up

Lily has shown great determination in maths, ordering numbers. She kept going and did not give up until she had finished all her work. We are so proud of you! 

Huskies: Corbyn - Work hard and concentrate

Corbyn has impressed us this week for his enthusiasm to make the right choices. He has worked brilliantly in a team and stayed focused on the tasks he has been given. Fantastic Corbyn, keep it up!

Otters: Mateusz - Respect yourself and others

Mateusz has been incredibly supportive to other children in our class this week, working with them to develop their ideas and improve their working.

Koalas: Ashleigh - Work hard and concentrate

Ashleigh is an excellent role model to the class. She always settles down and works incredibly hard. Her sensible attitude means that this week she has completed work to be really proud of. Well done!