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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Whole Class - All Learning For Life Behaviours 

Elephant Class have shown all of our Learning for Life Behaviours this week on our school trip to the farm. They were brave, thoughtful and behaved beautifully. Making our whole school proud, well done!

Blue Whales: Evie - Improve and Work Hard and Concentrate 

Evie has had a fantastic half-term. She has shown great focus and has been working hard in all areas of her learning. She is truly ready for Year 2 now.

Penguins: Olivia - All Learning For Life Behaviours 

Olivia exudes kindness to others. She sees when someone needs a smile or a hug and goes straight over to them, keep being you Olivia!

Meerkats: Beau - Imagine and Improve

Beau has produced some beautiful writing this week and has, on more than one occasson, shown that he is listening to feedback and using this to improve! Well done Beau!

Orangutans: Mark - All Learning For Life Behaviours 

Mark is a kind and well respected member of Orangutan Class, he works hard and gives his best, he is always willing to support others too!

Axolotls: Joshua - Try New Things

Josh has put his all into the learning of lyrics for our Peter Pan production. He has shown such determination, well done Josh!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Elissa - Respect Yourself and Others 

Whether she's working with her peers, supporting adults or helping children in other year groups, Elissa shows real respect. What a great role model you are, Elissa!

Sports Cup: Kodi - Respect Yourself and Others 

Kodi enjoys his PE sessions and puts everything into his lessons. Kodi is a great role model, never gives up, and always sets an example for the other children to follow. Well done Kodi!