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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Mila - Work Hard and Concentrate and Improve

Mila has put her heart and soul into improving her reading, her comprehension skills have soared as a result. She is always so enthusiastic about her learning too! 

Blue Whales: Isabella - Improve

Isabella has been extremely focused in all of her learning. Her hard work has really paid off as a result. Well done!

Penguins: Maddie - Respect Yourself and Others 

Maddie is such a shining example to Penguin Class. Her kindness for others shines through and she is an amazing friend to us all!

Meerkats: Freddie - Imagine 

Freddie has shown deep thinking and great imagination in all subjects this week, by asking insightful questions to further his knowledge. Well done!

Orangutans: Layla - Improve

Layla has been striving to give her best this week. Asking questions and offering suggestions to try and improve her work. Keep it up Layla!

Axolotls: : Hazel - Imagine and Respect Yourself and Others 

Hazel has contributed lots of creative ideas to our poetry writing and is always a good friend to others, making them feel included!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Carter-Bleu - Improve

Carter has blown us away with his effort in writing this week - what a superstar, Carter!

Sport Cup: Arna - Respect Yourself and Others

Arna's approach to PE has improved a lot in year 5 and can now work with anybody in the class. Arna always gives 100% and never gives up, no matter how hard the task. 

Well done Arna!