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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Tommy - Work Hard and Concentrate

Tommy has been working really hard recently and enjoying learning new things. His contributions to discussions in RE Lessons recently have been insightful - Keep shining!

Blue Whales: Chloe - All Learning for Life Behaviours

Chloe consistently demonstrates our L4L Behaviours, she focuses well on tasks and always wants to challenge herself to improve. Well done Chloe!

Penguins: Matilda - Work Hard and Concentrate

Matilda's focus, maturity and motivation has really developed over the past few weeks. She is trying so hard in all areas of learning! Brilliant Matilda, keep it up!

Meerkats: Willow- Imagine and Don't Give Up

Willow has shown amazing creativity in several areas over the past week - from creative writing to showing a "Don't Give Up" attitude during our Computer Art project. Willow has impressed us all!

Orangutans: Dougie - Respect Yourself and Others 

Dougie is an excellent friend in Orangutan Class, always offering a helping hand - Even giving up his own time to support others. Well done Dougie!

Axolotls: : Teddy - Try New Things

Teddy's determination to push himself out of his comfort zone has been impressive, both in Maths and solos in Music. Well done Teddy!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Matipa - Improve

Matipa gives her heart and soul to all that she does and is constantly striving to better her best. You're flying Matipa!

Sport Cup: Connie - Try New Things

Since joining St. Andrews, Connie has thrown herself into PE and enjoys learning new skills. Connie is an excellent friend and always shares the equipment. Well done Connie!