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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Love Birds: Corley - Work hard and concentrate

Corley worked hard to write a letter to one of next years Caterpillar Class. He thought carefully about what might interest them, what a lucky recipient!

Pandas: Jack - Improve

Jack has been striving to make his writing better over the last few weeks, with great results! He has been trying so hard to finish tasks and get the job done.

Giraffes: William - Work hard and concentrate

William has challenged himself this week in Maths. He has enjoyed his learning, especially when he was the shopkeeper!

Seahorses: Adam - Don't give up

Adam kept going to the finish line on sports day, even when he found it hard going. What determination Adam, well done!

Ocelots: Oliver - Improve

Oliver is making massive efforts with his handwriting now. We have been blown away with the difference. A superb effort, keep it up Oliver!

Polar Bears: Thomas - Work hard and concentrate

Thomas consistently puts a huge amount of effort into his work and challenges himself. Well done Thomas!

Golden Eagles: Jacob - Imagine

Jacob organised a group of year 5 boys, using his musical talents he helped to create and perform 'The Roald Dahl Rap' for this weeks library assembly. Well done Jacob!

Falcons: Katy - Imagine

Katy has choreographed imaginative dance routines for our 'Peter Pan' play. Well done!

Sports Cup: Aaron - Don't give up

Aaron excelled at Sports Day putting in lots of effort, showing true commitment whilst thoroughly enjoying himself! Keep smiling Aaron!