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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Wilfred - Improve & Work Hard and Concentrate

Wilfred has been working so hard on his phonics and he is now reading lots of words without blending. Keep up the hard work, Wilfred!

Blue Whales: George - Respect Yourself and Others

George has shown he can listen to others well and has been a good friends to his classmates. He is always kind and compassionate to others especially if they are upset.

Penguins: Liliana - All Learning for Life Behaviours 

Liliana can always be relied on to demonstrate our Learning For Life behaviours. She always tries her best and is a kind friend to everyone. Well done Liliana!

Meerkats: Frankie - Improve and Don't Give Up

Frankie, you are flying in maths right now! You have shown great resilience and you have been trying incredibly hard when learning new things! Well done!

Orangutans: Brody - Improve & Work Hard and Concentrate

Brody has worked so hard on his "special writing" this week! Trying to include multiple devices to consistently improve his work. Keep it up Brody!

Axolotls: : Abigail - All Learning for Life Behaviours 

Abigail is always a good friend to others, she is kind and helpful. She has pushed herself to take on new challenges - well done Abigail!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Whole Class - All Learning for Life Behaviours 

You have all shown such tremendous focus, perseverance and resilience this week for SATs. We are all beyond proud of you!!

Sport Cup: Jackson - Respect Yourself and Others 

Jackson always does PE with a big smile on his face, trying his best with every skill. Jackson enjoys learning new games and he particularly enjoys sharks and seaweed where he uses his dodging skills. Well done Jackson!