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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Isla - Improve & Don't Give Up

Isla is working really hard, she never gives up and will always aim to improve, especially with writing. Keep it up Isla!

Blue Whales: Louie - Work Hard and Concentrate

Louie has been working really hard in all areas of the curriculum. He is showing great focus, managing distractions and maturing as a learner. He is being rewarded with super progress as a result!

Penguins: Connie - All Learning for Life Behaviours 

Connie has done so well and quickly settled at St. Andrews. She has worked hard and is a great role model of our Learning for Life Behaviours already!

Meerkats: Joshua - Respect Yourself and Others

Josh has shown incredible, kindness and generosity this week when he helped another child by letting him borrow equipment when completing a special activity. Great Meerkat teamwork Josh!

Orangutans: Benedict - All Learning for Life Behaviours 

Benny is always such a hard worker, he gives his best consistently as a classmate and strives to be the most positive of Orangutans! Well done Benny, keep it up!

Axolotls: : Mason - Respect Yourself and Others 

Mason has been a super help to his peers, spending his time coaching others to support them with their maths learning. What a generous classmate you are, Mason. A Star.

Duck-Billed Platypus': Archie - Improve

Archie strives to better  his best every single day and is being rewarded in the incredible progress he is making. Well done, Archie!

Sport Cup: Ava S - Improve

Ava has worked incredibly hard this term, always trying her best. Ava enjoy PE and is a good friend, always ready to show the other children how to perform a certain skill. Well done Ava!