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Headteachers Cup Winners

Elephants: Tommy - Improve

Tommy has been becoming so enthusiastic about his learning recently. He has really made some great improvements and contributions to class carpet times. Well-done!

Blue Whales: Ben - All Learning for Life Behaviours

Ben, you continue to show a great example to others with your ability to focus and push to improve. You are a great friend to all the class, well-done Ben!

Penguins: Huey - All Learning for Life Behaviours

Huey has had a brilliant week.  He has remained focused on his learning and has shown great support others. Well-done Huey!

Meerkats: Alice - ALL Learning for Life Behaviours

Alice has shown courage, resilience and worked hard this week as she learnt her lines (and song) for our performance. Well-done Alice!

Orangutans: Ezrah - Don't Give Up and Improve

Ezrah has wowed us this week with his super sewing skills. He took his time produced neat and accurate stitches.  Well-done!

Axolotls: : Lauren- Try New Things

Lauren has taken all opportunities to be brave & try new things this week. She has looked for opportunities to get involved in class and joining new clubs. Well-done Lauren!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Oscar - Improve

Oscar worked tremendously hard to apply what he learnt from his mistakes during arithmetic last week to calculate with much greater precision this week - well done!

Sport Cup: Sofia Y4 - Respect Yourself & Others

Sofia has excelled in PE since starting year 4. She always shows excellent listening skills and throws herself into learning any new skills. Sofia continues to keep growing week after week.

Well done Sofia!