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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Orla - ALL Learning for Life Behaviours

Orla consistently shows all the Learning for Life Behaviours in class and could get the cup every week! She is kind, helpful and a ray of light in the Elephant Class. She works so hard in every area of learning and is making great progress. Keep smiling Orla! 😊

Blue Whales: Connor - Improve, Respect and Work Hard & Concentrate

Connor has made massive improvements in all areas including respecting yourself and others and working hard when at his table. We are very proud of how kind you have been to everyone around you! Keep it up!

Penguins: Thea - Work Hard and Concentrate

Thea is trying incredibly hard with her writing, forming each letter correctly. She wrote an amazing story this week about Frog and Toad. Keep it up Thea!

Meerkats: Beau - ALL Learning for Life Behaviours

Beau consistently shows all of our Learning for life behaviours, but he has shone even brighter this week and has been extra helpful towards his peers. Well done Beau!

Orangutans: Poppy - Work Hard and Concentrate and Improve

We are so proud of you Poppy! She has worked so hard on her writing and reading. She has made so much improvement on her working journey. Keep up the amazing work! 😊

Axolotls: Harrison - Work Hard & Concentrate and Improve

Harrison has had such a positive attitude to his learning since returning to school this half term. He has worked hard to improve his accuracy in all areas. Well Done, Harrison.

Duck-Billed Platypus': Jacob - Improve

Jacob has worked so hard to improve the accuracy and fluency of his arithmetic skills and is being rewarded for his efforts. Well done Jacob!

Sport Cup: Alexa - Don't Give Up

Alexa has started to show great energy and passion for PE. During her basketball lessons Alexa enjoys showing her skills during our "skill school" session. Well Done Alexa!