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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Flinn - Improve

Flinn always works hard and is a pleasure to have in Elephant Calves. This week he had produced a fabulous piece of writing for his "special write". Well done Finn!

Blue Whales: Whole Class - All The Learning For Life Behaviours

You all showed such respect for yourselves and others, and our "Special Visitor" during RE this week. You listened carefully, thought hard and answered sensible questions about the Jewish festival Shabbat. 

Penguins: Violet - Improve and Try New Things

Violet has done so well, being brave and taking on her special jobs in the morning. She is also so trying to improve her handwriting, well done Violet!

Meerkats: Ava  - Don't Give Up

Ava has shown amazing resilience during English this week, especially in her "special write!" As a result, she has produced some incredible work, well done Ava!

Orangutans: Whole Class - Try New Things

We are so proud of Orangutan class. We video called a different school earlier in the week as part of our "diversity project" and they all modelled the Learning for Life Behaviours as ambassadors of St. Andrews. 

Axolotls: Henry - Improve

Henry has been working so hard every day to improve his handwriting. He has avoided rushing and made great improvements. Keep it up Henry!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Tahir - Improve

Tahir has made some great contributions during maths this week and really striven for greater precision and accuracy. 

Sport Cup: Samuel - Respect Yourself and Others

Samuel has shown great skill in Volleyball this half term, learning how to volley, set and serve. Samuel is able to work with all children in his class and always encourages his peers.

Well done Samuel!