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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Ariella - Improve and Respect Yourself and Others

Ariella is always kind and helpful to her friends She has also worked extremely hard on writing her name correctly. Her confidence at school is growing as a result of this, Well Done Ariella!

Blue Whales: Jaxon - Work Hard and Concentrate

Jaxon, you continue to impress us with your hard work and dedication in class. We have seen you make lots of progress as a result,. Well Done!

Penguins: Lucy - All The Learning For Life Behaviours

Lucy is such an asset to the Penguin Class and can always be relied on to demonstrate our L4L behaviours. Great maths this week too Lucy, keep challenging yourself and impressing us all.

Meerkats: Leo  -Improve and Don't Give Up

Wow Leo! You have consistently impressed us with your tables recently and working really hard and getting more and more correct every day! Keep up the fabulous work!

Orangutans: Oliver - All The Learning For Life Behaviours

Oliver is always modelling all of our learning for life behaviours. Always striving to achieve his best. Keep up all of your amazing work!

Axolotls: Isla - Don't Give Up

Isla has pushed herself out of her comfort zone with long multiplication both in class and at home. She has persevered and shown resilience. Keep it up Isla!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Olive - Improve

Olive is working so hard at her arithmetic and showing real determination to improve week by week. Keep believing, Olive - we all do!

Sport Cup: Jase - Don't Give up

Jase has started to show increasing confidence in PE and has shown an excellent skill set in volleyball. Jase can now display the correct technique when setting and volleying and can put these skills into game play. Well done Jase!