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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Bonnie - Work Hard and Concentrate

Bonnie is always working hard. She has made amazing progress with her phonics and loves learning new things!

Blue Whales: Maurice - Improve and Imagine

Maurice we have loved to see how your confidence has grown so far this year. You have a great imagination and always share interesting ways of looking at things in class discussions.

Penguins: Jack - Improve

Jack has impressed us this week with his attitude towards his learning and is striving to make good choices.

Meerkats: Ruby - Respect Yourself and Others

Ruby has been so helpful this week and supported her table team without being asked. She has also been helpful to everyone in playing a huge role in keeping our class tidy. Thanks and Well Done, Ruby!

Orangutans: Brody - Improve

Brody has blown us away with his "Big Write", this week. Using so many devices to improve his work! We are super proud Brody.

Axolotls: Chloe - Work Hard and Concentrate

Chloe has been a shining star in our poetry lessons, using creative rhymes and figurative language. She has also put in the hours at hoe, creating space poetry. Well Done!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Daisy - Improve

Daisy has worked o hard at her arithmetic, both at school and home, and she was so proud of the improved score that it resulted in. Well Done Daisy!

Sport Cup: Wilfred - Try New Things

Wilfred always shows excellent listening skills during PE lessons and is able to keep himself and others safe. Wilfred has been working hard this week on his throwing and catching skills. Well Done Wilfred.