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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Albie - All the Learning For Life Behaviours 

Albie has really embraced our 'no outsiders' work, he is not afraid to experiment and ask questions when talking about different things.  Well-done Albie!

Blue Whales: Chloe - All the Learning For Life Behaviours

Well done for a fantastic start to the year! You have shown focus in all areas of your learning and always want to continue to challenge yourself. Great job, Chloe!

Penguins: Dolcie - Improve

Dolcie has stepped out of her comfort zone this week and has challenged herself with her reading.   We are very proud of you Dolcie!

Meerkats: Tyller - Don't Give Up

Tyller has been working hard at his reading this week and remembering to use his sounds to help him with 'Tricky Words'.  Keep it up, Tyller!

Orangutans: Oscar - Work Hard and Concentrate

Oscar has displayed an amazing learning for life attitude this week.  Focusing on challenges and striving to improve!  Keep up with all the amazing work!

Axolotls: Axolotly Class - All The Learning for Life Behaviours

Axolotl class, you all blew us away with your awe and wonder on our trip this week.  Your respect towards one another is outstanding - 'a truly lovely group' as quoted by West Stowe stafff.

Duck-Billed Platypus': Matipa - All The Learning for Life Behaviours

You are the most wonderful role model Matipa. You can be relied upon to consistently be demonstrating all of our Learning for Life Behavious, Well- Done!

Sport Cup: Tommy - Try New Things

Tommy's confidence in PE is starting to grow and he is starting to enjoy his success.  Tommy really tries hard to learn new skills and is beginning to explore different movements.  Well-Done Tommy!