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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Sadie - Work Hard and Concentrate 

Sadie has been working extremely hard and has been making super progress with phonics. She has also been making some great dance moves in the production. 

Blue Whales: Tudor - Respect Yourself and Others

Tudor, it has been lovely to see you being so kind and caring to your classmates this week. You have gone out of your way to make lots of people smile. Well Done! 

Penguins: Alex - All the Learning For Life Behaviours

Alex is such a kind and caring Penguin class member. She always makes the right choice and helping others, a shining example of our schools Learning for Life Behaviours. 

Meerkats: Joey - All the Learning For Life Behaviours

Joey shines in all out Learning Behaviours. He is a respectful friend to everyone and gives his best daily. He should be proud!

Orangutans: Monty - Improve and Don't Give Up

Monty has worked really hard this week on his advert in English. Coming up with some unique ideas and taking on feedback. 

Axolotls: Stanley - Imagine

Stan has applied a sophisticated voice to his persuasive letter writing for out writing project. He has thought hard about ideas he and others have suggested. Well Done Stan!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Emily - Work Hard and Concentrate and Improve 

Emily has poured her heard and soul into improving her arithmetic and she is reaping the rewards now! We are so proud of you, Emily!

Sport Cup: Henry - Imagine

Henry has really enjoyed PE this half term, trying his best with all the new skills. Henry also leads our warm up sessions with his "Robot Dance", which the children really enjoy. Well done Henry.