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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Lybbie - Try New Things

Lybbie is always trying new things and is beginning to ask more questions in class and being brave enough to express herself.

Blue Whales: Jacob - Try New Things 

Well done Jacob for being brave during our Nativity. You have overcome your fear and stood up to perform in front of all of EY/KS1. Good work Jacob!

Penguins: George - Try New Things

George has been very brave and challenged himself this week. Well done George!

Meerkats: Harry - Work Hard and Concentrate

Harry has worked incredibly hard this week, thinking deeply and offering thoughtful responses in class discussions, Well done Harry!

Orangutans: Betty - Work Hard and Concentrate and Imagine

Betty has produced a lovely diversity poem this week, so well thought out. She always strives to achieve her best. Well done Betty!

Axolotls: Evie - All Learning For Life Behaviours

Evie has thrown herself into every challenge this week. She impressed us with her cornet solo and her great behaviour as a "learning partner". Well done Evie!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Eva - Improve and Respect Yourself and Others

Eva consistently works hard to improve herself and she also invests in helping others to improve. What a fantastic role-model you are Eva!

Sport Cup: Archie - Respect Yourself and Others

Archie is an excellent example of how to be a good friend. Archie is always foll9owing rules on how to keep safe when playing Hockey. He is always there to help other children during PE lesson. Well done Archie!