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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Daisy - Improve

She is striving to do her best and is making small steps to improve her listening in class. Your hard work has been noticed! Well done!

Blue Whales: Maisie - Work Hard and Concentrate and Improve

Maisie you continue to impress me with your focus and the effort you put into all of your learning. You have made great improvements so far this year. Keep it up!

Penguins: Olivia - Respect Yourself and Others

Olivia is such a kind and caring penguin. This week she has empathised with others and been a  good friend. Well done Olivia!

Meerkats: Alice - Imagine

Alice has shown great "outside the box" thinking this week and this has shone through discussions as well as in her writing. Well Done Alice!

Orangutans: Lilly - Improve 

Lilly has worked super hard on her "Big Write" this week. She has made sure she has included a variety of punctuation and descriptive devices.

Axolotls: Abigail - Try New Things 

Abigail has shone brightly in Axolotl Class this week! She has developed her confidence and looked for every opportunity to participate in discussions. Well Done Abigail!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Kayden - Improve

What an improvement we have seen this year, Kayden, in all that you are doing! We are so proud of you and your efforts!

Sport Cup: Isla - Respect Yourself and Others

Isla is an excellent example of how to be a good friend. Isla is always following rules and is always there to help other children during the PE Lesson. Well Done Isla!