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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Margot - Respect Yourself and Others

Margot is always polite and helpful to her friends and adults. She is working hard to self-motivate and focus when on the carpet, super job Margot!

Blue Whales: Grayson - Try New Things and Don't Give Up

Well done Grayson for not giving up. It has been great to see you trying things and not being afraid to make mistakes. Keep it up!

Penguins: Dolcie - Work Hard and Concentrate and Improve

Dolcie has really impressed us this week with her amazing reading and writing. She is using her phonics and having a go independently. What a superstar!

Meerkats: Alexa - Improve

Alexa has had an astounding attitude to learning this week. She has absorbed facts like a "sponge" and used these to help her with learning. Well done Alexa!

Orangutans: Logan - Work Hard and Concentrate and Don't Give Up 

Logan has displayed an incredible learning attitude this week striving to complete all tasks and push himself further to the challenge zone!

Axolotls: Chloe - Respect Yourself and Others

Chloe is such a kind friend to everyone, She always looks out for others to make sure they feel included and welcomed. Well Done Chloe!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Lilly - Respect Yourself and Others

Lilly has made the most insightful, valuable contributions during collective worship throughout this week - she really does shine her light for others!

Sport Cup: Alfie - Try New Things 

Alfie has thrown himself into PE since joining St Andrew's. Alfie is a great friend and always shows excellent listening and desire when learning a new skill.