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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Jason - Try New Things

Jason has been very brave, joining our class. He has enjoyed having a go at lots of challenges. Well Done!

Blue Whales: Aubrey - Improve

Aubrey we are all so proud of how much you have strived to make things better this week with your learning. We have loved seeing you working well with adults and your classmates. Keep it up!

Penguins: Henry - All Learning For Life Behaviours

Henry is a shining example of penguin class community. He demonstrates all our school learning for life behaviours all of the time, Well Done!

Meerkats: Nicky - Try New Things

Nicky dug deep and showed courage this week, as he volunteered to read his "special write" to the whole class. He used a clear, confident voice with lots of expression to make it exciting, we are all super proud Nicky!

Orangutans: Jacob - Improve 

Jacob has worked really hard on his special write this week. We have seen such an improvement in the quality of writing - keep it up!

Axolotls: Darcy - Don't Give Up and Improve

Darcy has shown determination and perseverance with his learning this week, choosing tasks to push himself into the "challenge zone!" - Well done, Darcy!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Macie - Don't Give up

Macie has shown such resilience this week and produced so many pieces of work to be proud of, including her double page spread for geography! Well Done Macie

Sport Cup: Rafe - Try New Things

Rafe has thrown himself into PE since joining St Andrew's. Rafe is a great friend and always shows excellent listening and desire when learning a new skill.