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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Connie - Improve

Connie has been amazing at working on her phonics to improve her knowledge. She does this with a ready smile, keep loving learning Connie!

Blue Whales: Jack - Work Hard and Concentrate and Improve

Jack has made massive improvements this week. He had great focus and his hard work has paid off. Keep up the good work.

Penguins: Ben - All Learning For Life Behaviours

Ben always makes great choices, working quietly and diligently. This week, despite being stung, he has continued to demonstrate all of our Learning for Life Behaviours.

Meerkats: Jacob - Don't Give Up!

Jacob has worked so hard this week in all our lessons and has shown great perseverance when finding things tricky. Well done Jacob!

Orangutans: Hunter - All Learning For Life Behaviours 

Hunter is always working as hard as he can, he consistently challenges himself and finds ways to improve. Keep up the great example Hunter!

Axolotls: Rosie - Work Hard and Concentrate

Rosie has worked extremely hard on her newspaper report this week. She has contributed creative ideas using precise language to our shared writing. Well Done Rosie!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Ruby-Leigh - Try New Things

Ruby has really dug deep, been brave and pushed herself out of her comfort zone in so many ways this week. We're so proud of you Ruby!

Sport Cup: Maximilian - Try New Things

Maximillian has thrown himself into PE since joining St Andrew's. Maximillian is a great friend and role model and always shows excellent listening when learning a new skill.