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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Sidney - Try New Things

Sidney has worked hard to really enjoy PE and phonics lessons this week. So glad you are loving life and learning Sid!

Blue Whales: Ethan - All Learning For Life Behaviours 

Ethan always shows our learning for life behaviours making him a great role-model for all his peers. Well Done Ethan!

Penguins: Ethan - Respect Yourself and Others

What an amazing Penguin class member, so good at making the best choice and trying hard at everything!

Meerkats: Elsie - Don't Give Up!

Elsie has shown great resilience this week. She has tried her best in every lesson and done so with a smile. Well Done Elsie!

Orangutans: Millie - Improve and Work Hard and Concentrate 

Millie has astounded us this week with her working attitude, she has been completing and challenging herself at home and in class. We are so proud of you!

Axolotls: Isla - Work Hard and Concentrate

Isla has shown a real "love of learning" this week. She has challenged herself and applied her knowledge well in all areas. Well Done Isla!

Duck-Billed Platypus': Elissa - Work Hard and Concentrate

Elissa unfailingly gives her all to every challenge she tackles and supports those around her along the way. What a year you have ahead of you with this attitude, Elissa!

Sport Cup: Leon - Don't Give Up

Leon has settled very well into PE at St Andrew's and always shows excellent listening skills. Leon always tries his hardest and never gives up. Well done Leon!