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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Elephants: Kodi - Work Hard and Concentrate

Kodi has been working hard practising writing his phonics graphemes (letter shapes). Well Done Kodi, your hard work has been noticed!

Blue Whales: Niya - Imagine

Niya has shown what a great imagination she has this week. She created lots of animals linked to our "Animal Kingdom" project using construction materials, Well Done Niya.

Penguins: Georgie - Work Hard and Concentrate

Georgie is really impressing us with his attitude to learning. He tries so hard and "wowed" us with his "big write" this week!

Meerkats: Bonnie - Try New Things

Bonnie has been "flying" with her maths this week and worked really hard to master the "column method", even though it was tricky at first. Well Done Bonnie!

Orangutans: Ava - Don't Give up 

Wow! What perseverance, Ava has kept pushing on in the face of challenges all week. Wanting to do more and more until she has completely "smashed" her challenges. We are so proud of you Ava!

Axolotls: Maximillian - Try New Things

Maximillian is a wonderful addition to our St. Andrews family. He has looked for opportunities to get involved and been brave, speaking in front of the class! Well Done.

Duck-Billed Platypus': Eddie - Respect Yourself and Others

Eddie has impressed us with his focus, hard work and "brave voice", researching and writing his letter to our MP, James Cleverly. Well Done Eddie!

Sport Cup: The Girls Football Team - All Learning Behaviours

The girls did St. Andrews proud at their Football Competition this week, they worked well as a team and showed respect for others by showing good sportsmanship. Well Done Girls!