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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Love Birds: Ben - Improve

Ben was beaming with pride when he told me he had eaten all his lunch! Whoosh. A healthy, happy Ben.

Pandas: Erin - Improve

Erin produced an amazing piece of writing this week. Her wonderful postcard was a delight and she has really enjoyed listening to 'Meer Cat Mail'

Seahorses: Jake - Try new things

Jake joined St. Andrew's on Monday. He has settled into Seahorse class brilliantly, making lots of new friends and trying new things. What a great start Jake, well done!

Giraffes: Charlotte - Improve

Charlotte has worked tremendously hard to improve her writing. She has listened to her next steps and produced some excellent writing. Well done Charlotte!

Ocelots: Theo - Work hard and concentrate

Theo was inspired by our 'Big Write' story on dinosaurs. He focussed straight away and worked hard to produce a lovely story which included lots of adjectives. Well done Theo.

Polar Bears: Marty - Improve

Marty has strived to produce his very best piece of writing this week, taking on board all the advice he has been given to improve. You should be rightly proud Marty!

Golden Eagles: Rihanna - Work hard and concentrate

Rihanna has worked really hard in maths. She now knows all her times tables and has shown super enthusiasm in group work, demonstrating a maths game she learnt to help others.

Falcons: Louis and Joshua - Try new things

Louis and Josh led an inspiring 'scoter' session on Tuesday. They planned and led the session with great care - fun was had by all!

Sports Cup: Poppy - Try new things

Poppy was lucky enough to be involved in the three tees workshop on Tuesday. She threw herself into the activities, learnt from her mistakes and didn't give up!