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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: George - Improve

George has displayed such a wonderful working attitude. Trying his best on the carpet and being extra helpful during tidy up time. Well done!

Seahorses: Alex - All learning behaviours

Alex demonstrates all of our learning behaviours all of the time. She is an amazing 'Seahorse' and friend to everyone.

Wolves: Ruby - Respect yourself and others

Ruby, every week you continue to radiate kindness and love to your friends and community. You always are able to make others smile even when they are having a bad day. Thank you!

Lions: Oliver - All learning behaviours

Oliver always makes the right choices. He works hard, is reflective in his learning and helps others. Thank you and well done!

Dolphins: Chloe - Work hard and concentrate / Respect yourself and others

As she showed in her writing, that she read out during our assembly, Chloe has worked so hard to use mature vocabulary and ensure she interests the reader. Well done!

Owls: Eva - All learning behaviours

Eva is a shining example of a role-model for Owl Class. She always supports others and has welcomed new members of our St. Andrew's family with a smile!

Butterflies: Harmony - Work hard and concentrate

Harmony has invested so much effort into her learning this year, we hope she is very proud of herself and what she has achieved. Well done!

Sport Cup: Jacob - Work hard and concentrate

Jacob's confidence has grown week on week this year and he has shown excellent determination when learning a new skill. Well done!