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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Whole Class - Respect yourself and others

Well done Caterpillars for a wonderful trip down to Halstead Library. You represented the school so well!

Seahorses: Henry - All learning behaviours

Henry demonstrates all of our learning behaviours every day. He works hard, respects himself and strives to be the best he can. What a super seahorse!

Wolves: Phoebe - Respect yourself and others

Phoebe has shown that she is a great role-model especially to our younger members of the school. She listens well and speaks to everyone with respect. Great job!

Lions: Eva - Respect yourself and others

We have all noticed Eva being extremely kind and helpful towards others in her class this week. Especially in maths, when she noticed others who found it tricky. Well done!

Dolphins: Aimee - Respect yourself and others

Aimee's always supportive of another class member, but has really excelled in supporting another child who was finding maths a bit tricky, she made a worksheet for her and helped her complete it. Such an amazing attitude!

Owls: Eddie - Improve

Eddie has approached this half-term with a positive attitude, focusing on his behaviour choices and showing determination to improve. Well done!

Butterflies: Eddie - Imagine

Eddie has brought such imagination and creative energy to our production, from his hand-made mask to his characterisation. Well done and thank you!

Sport Cup: All of Year 6 - All learning behaviours

All the children in Year 6 came together as a team and helped make sports day a success. The Year 6 Children worked incredibly hard throughout the day to ensure races were ready to start and the equipment was all set up. Well done and thank you!