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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Grayson - Work hard and concentrate / Improve

Grayson has been working so hard on his writing recently. He is applying new skills he has learnt and is showing excellent working attitude. Keep it up!

Seahorses: Liliana - Don't give up

Liliana has wowed us this week with her determination, focus and concentration. We are so proud of you!

Wolves: Phoebe - Work hard and concentrate / Improve

Phoebe always shares lots of ideas during our class discussions. She is enthusiastic about learning new things and asks great questions to improve her understanding.

Lions: Monty - Imagine

Monty showed some great higher level thinking in R.E. this week; asking excellent questions and contributing well-thought points to class discussions. Well done!

Dolphins: Delilah - All learning behaviours

Delilah has excelled herself with her contributions made during class discussions, shared writes and song lyric creation task. Such a talented young author. Well done!

Owls: Matipa - Work hard and concentrate / Improve

Matipa has worked hard to apply past knowledge and make small steps in her learning, showing super resilience and determination, particularly in maths. Well done!

Butterflies: Emmie - Work hard and concentrate

Emmie has been participating in our singing rehearsals with such enthusiasm and practising at home. What a positive musical role-model. Well done!

Sport Cup: Landon - Try new things

Landon has shown excellent resilience and determination this term when learning new skills. Landon is always kind and thinks of others when playing team games. Well done!