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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Eliza - Improve

Eliza has blown us away this week with her letter formation. It is so wonderful to see such an improvement. Keep up the hard work!

Seahorses: Maddie - Improve / Work hard and concentrate

Maddie is working so hard in all areas of the curriculum. She tries her very best and always with a big smile! Well done!

Wolves: Harry - All learning behaviours

Harry has shown what a great role-model he is to his peers this week. During all our collaborative tasks, he has worked well in a team and made sure everybody is heard. You are a superstar!

Lions: Matilda - Don't give up / Improve

Matilda has flown with her maths this week. She has been focused and responded to feedback offered in order to improve her work. Well done!

Dolphins: Joshua - Work hard and concentrate / Improve

Josh has been making a super effort in maths this week and this improvement is helping his written calculation accuracy. Well done!

Owls: Jase - Don't give up

Jase has worked really hard this week, particularly showing perseverance and digging deep with long multiplication. Well done!

Butterflies: Ruby - Respect yourself and others

Ruby has such a kind hearted, generous spirit which she uses to brighten up the day for children across the school.

Sport Cup: Tommy - Work hard and concentrate

Tommy always strives to be better every week and challenges himself. Tommy shows excellent listening skills and excels with his throwing and catching skills. Well done!