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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Jacob - Don't give up

It's lovely to see just how much progress Jacob has made. His confidence is blossoming and he strives to shine brightly. Well done!

Seahorses: Thomas - Try new things

Thomas has really challenged himself this week, choosing activities that put him in the challenge zone. He has shown himself just what he can achieve. Well done!

Wolves: Emily - All learning behaviours

Emily always shows all of the learning behaviours around school. She is great at being a role-model for others and applies 100% effort to all tasks. Well done!

Lions: Jacob - Improve

Jacob has been using his skills in maths to help others on his table and guiding them when they find something tricky. Well done!

Dolphins: Rosie - Don't give up

Rosie is trying really hard, showing great resilience and undertaking some challenging maths. Well done!

Owls: Tom - Try new things

Tom has made brave choices with his learning this week, choosing challenging problems and taking opportunities to read aloud to the class. Well done!

Butterflies: Safia - Improve

Safia is really reflecting upon areas for improvement and working so hard at these. You're flying Safia!

Sport Cup: Clara - Work hard and concentrate

Clara always shows how to be a great friend, always shares and is a fantastic role-model to her peers. Well done!