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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Buddy - Work hard and concentrate

Buddy is demonstrating a very positive attitude to learning. Aiming to thrive in every lesson. Mrs Higgins has been particularly impressed with him in R.W.Inc. sessions. Keep up the great work!

Seahorses: Georgie - Work hard and concentrate

We are so impressed with Georgie's attitude towards his learning. He is trying so hard at school and home and we are seeing big improvements. Well done!

Wolves: Jacob - Don't give up

Jacob has been amazing and made exceptional effort in all areas of his learning. He has shown a mature attitude when faced with something tricky! Well done!

Lions: Oscar - Try new things / Improve

Oscar has shown curiosity and asked some excellent questions in RE this week. An excellent skill to have. Well done!

Dolphins: Rosie - Don't give up

Rosie is trying hard with her work - especially her maths which can sometimes be a challenge. Well done!

Owls: Joey - Work hard and concentrate

Joey has worked super hard this week to focus on making the right choices. He has worked really well in class, particularly impressing us with his independence this week. well done!

Butterflies: Lily - Don't give up

Lily, pleasingly, is quietly putting in enormous effort in maths. She is certainly now reaping the rewards. Well done!

Sport Cup: Logan - Don't give up

This week, the children in year 3 have been working on their health related fitness. Logan worked well in his team showing excellent communication skills and gave 100% when trying others fitness stations. Well done!