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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Carter - Improve / Work hard and concentrate

Carter is a super Caterpillar! He has worked so hard with his writing this week. He is using 'sounds' on the RWInc charts to help him and is showing such improvements. Well done!

Seahorses: Lewyn - Try new things / Work hard and concentrate

Lewyn has had a great week, challenging himself, asking questions and focusing so well on his learning. Well done!

Wolves: Willis - Imagine

You have shown such great imagination and shared your ideas with the class during play times and lunch times, making them so enjoyable! Well done!

Lions: Pippa - Don't give up

Pippa has worked independently this week, especially in English. She has shown perseverance and listened well to instructions for improving her work. Well done!

Dolphins: Andrew - Don't give up / Work hard and concentrate

Andrew has shown great perseverance this week. He has produced a super 'Special Write' and put so much effort into sewing his felt flower. Well done!

Owls: Marnie - Improve

Marnie has been a shining star in Owl class this week. She has demonstrated the ability to apply past knowledge to her learning and used small steps to break down her learning whilst helping others. Well done!

Butterflies: Oliver - Improve

Oliver is working so hard to apply his learning to improve his accuracy and fluency with maths. Keep digging deep, Oliver!

Sport Cup: Max - Work hard and concentrate

For always working hard and concentrating during PE lessons. Well done!